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Print this image (click right over) and cut out the stroboscopic disc. Be careful to cut the hole perfectly in the centre.


For those who do not know how to use it: position the disc on the turntable, and illuminate it with a normal light or better, with a neon lamp plugged into the electric power supply. Electronic lamps (energy saving lights) are not suited because their light does not pulse at 50 Hertz. The marks which correspond to the rotation speed must look like they are still. If they appear to move forward clockwise, the speed is higher , and if they seem to move backward the speed is lower. If the marks oscillate backward and/or forward, then the speed is not regular. There is a version for 50 and for 60 Hertz (USA), but without 78 rpm. If you need, there also is a template for aligning the head.

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