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We repair everything connected with Hi-Fi, with the exclusion of portable units (except in professional cases), and with preference for real (and old) high fidelity. Spare parts, after many years of experience, are not a problem, not even in the case of very old and vintage equipment.

We DO NOT repair video cameras nor TV sets nor video projectors nor car hi-fi systems.

We entrust the work of reconstructing (rewinding) transformers to a very good craftsman.

We would like to remind you that in most cases, high quality loudspeakers can be repaired: cracked or crumbling foam surrounds and also interrupted, blocked or burnt coils (reconing).

We install top quality audio and/or video distribution units (also with invisible hi-fi loudspeakers integrated in the wall!). For best results, we suggest you call us BEFORE you carry out any renovation work.

The activity is interrupted (see home-page).

Do you want to check the SPEED of your RECORD PLAYER and HEAD OVERHANG?


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- Our address - Brands - The laboratory -

Click for another curio Ferrograph tape recorder

We never repaired this steel wire Webster (but we did repair the Ferrograph tape recorder)


The owner does not allow us to check this Tascam...

Expensive disaster (found remedy)


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